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KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada Egypt

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada in the Red Sea - RED Sea Kite safari is one of the kite trips that every kiter wants to experience at least once in his life. Imagine spending a week on a luxury yacht, surrounded by sparkling turquoise seas, mirror-smooth lagoons and steady winds. You will simply experience an adventure that you will not forget in your life. Thanks to boat travel, we have the freedom to choose the best places and visit the islands where the weather conditions will be the best. In short, a kite trip that you definitely have to try.


After each kite session, you will relax and replenish your strength with one of the hearty meals prepared by our chefs. After resting, we will return to the island to experience another kite session. Kite instructors on board will coach you throughout the week, help you progress quickly, and teach you new tricks. Enjoy every kite session in these wonderful conditions and you will return home with a big smile and wonderful memories! 🙂

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada

This adventure is suitable for complete beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced kiters. We will kite on small deserted islands where you will have as much space as you need. The water is calm (beautiful flat without waves), clear, and shallow – perfect conditions for beginner kiters to devote the whole week to the basics of kitesurfing and improve. An intermediate kiter can work on his progress and learn new things during coaching workshops. Advanced kiters can practice and learn new tricks during our freestyle lessons.

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada

In addition to kiting, other activities can be experienced on this trip. See the beautiful underwater world of the Red Sea. After all, this place is one of the most beautiful places in the world for scuba diving, snorkeling, or just simply spotting marine life – such as dolphins.

On board, we have snorkel equipment available for you and at request, we can arrange diving equipment and a diving instructor so you can discover the amazing underwater world over here.

At the same time, let's not forget wakeboarding.

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada

Our long-term partner and friend on the road is the Czech company "Bejkroll". Are you looking forward to new challenges and experiences? Bejkroll is a brand for people who like to push their boundaries, set challenges, and face new situations. Bejkroll is a manufacturer of kitesurfing sportswear – such as wetsuits, shorts, ponchos, and protectors, in short, they produce all the things you may need on your kite trips. For more information about Bejkroll, visit the website.

Enjoy and be Bull!

KiteSurfing Safari Hurghada


Our Services

Kite School

Friends, we are glad to see you at our kite station "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" which is located in the private residential complex El Khayam between Hurghada and El Gouna. After just half an hour's drive from Hurghada airport, you find yourself at the most convenient and comfortable kite spot in all of Hurghada.

Kite Rental + Sup&Wake

If you come to a kite spot "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea", and find that the wind conditions have changed, and you do not have a suitable kite for this wind, we are ready to offer you kites of any size for rent. Every kiter will be able to get his dose of adrenaline, regardless of the strength of the wind.


We respect the privacy of our guests and offer them individual accommodation. It can be an apartment or a room in a private villa, in any case, all the accommodation provided is within walking distance from the kite station "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" We also organize a meeting of our guests at the Hurghada airport, their transportation to the kite station and a return transfer to the airport.


Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea الغردقة - الإسماعيلية،, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate 84511, Egypt