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Kitecenter Paradise in Hurghada

We adhere to IKO teaching standards and pay great attention to the safety of our students

Our Services

Kite Courses

Dear friends, we welcomes you in our kite school "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" in Hurghada Egypt and provide you with several options for learning kiteboarding. We use IKO kiteboarding courses teaching methods and issue IKO Certificates for our students after finish of our kite course.

Kite Rental

If you come to a kite spot "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" and find that the wind conditions have changed, and you do not have a suitable kite for this wind, we are ready to offer you kites of any size for rent. Every kiter will be able to get his own dose of adrenaline, regardless of the strength of the wind

Watersport Activity

All guests of our kite station "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" will be able to get a boost of positive energy and a surge of energy from the Red Sea and the hot Egyptian sun. In addition to kiteboarding, you can go wake and paddleboarding and snorkel to explore the coral

About us -

Friends, we are glad to see you at our kite station „Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea“ which is located in the private residential complex El Khayam between Hurghada and El Gouna. After just half an hour drive from Hurghada airport, you find yourself at the most convenient and comfortable kite spot in all of Hurghada.

The kite spot „Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea“ is the best places for learning kitesurfing according to the following indicators:

  • wide and shallow warm lagoon with a sandy bottom;

  • stable wind blowing into the shore at a slight angle;

  • deep water at the edge of the lagoon for hydrofoil lovers;

  • kite station building fifty meters from the sea;

  • convenient entry into the water and access to the shore;

  • comfortable observation deck with benches for observing kiters, taking photos and filming.

Price of the beach use in euro (compressor, beach boys, storage, shower, toilet, Wi-Fi)

2nd visit
3d visit
4th visit
5th visit

Our kite spot is suitable for beginner kiteboarding students, intermediate kiters and experienced riders. You will feel quick progress in learning kiteboarding only at lagoon of the „Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea“.

If you are private kite instructor or kite school and you have your student follow these rules:

  • Every day is fee 15euro/student in the water;
  • Use only your equipment (harness, kiteboard, kite). If you want use our equipment you can rent it;
  • Using our storage for your equipment is FREE.

Kite station „Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea“ is equipped and supplied with all kinds of service for you to spend comfortable kitesurfing holidays.We have:

  • kite equipment storage;
  • compressor, beach assistance;
  • rescue boat, kite repair kit;
  • pure water, shower, changing room, toilets;
  • shade, bar, restaurant, chillout lounge, kids area, parking, free Wi-fi.

Our Services

Bar a Restaurace


We suggest having a cup of aromatic coffee under the shade of the cafe at kite station "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" for those who are accustomed to starting their day slowly. You can watch sitting at a table how other guests of our kite spot inflate kites and choose the optimal size of the kite before going out on the water. But if you eat a healthy diet, you can drink a fruit smoothie and get an energy boost for a good kiteboarding.

Kitesurfing Safari

Kite Safari

The Red Sea Kite Safari is one of those kitesurf trips basically every kitesurfer needs to experience at least once. Spending a week on a luxury yacht, surrounded by shimmering turquoise sea and mirror-smooth lagoons, this is going to be an adventure you will never forget. As we are traveling by boat we have the freedom to choose the best conditions available and visiting every each island . This is a kitesurf trip which You need to definitely try.

KiteSurfing půjčovna


We respect the privacy of our guests and offer them individual accommodation. It can be an apartment or a room in a private villa, in any case, all the accommodation provided is within walking distance from the kite station "Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea" We also organize a meeting of our guests at the Hurghada airport, their transportation to the kite station and a return transfer to the airport.


Paradise Kitesurf Red Sea الغردقة - الإسماعيلية،, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate 84511, Egypt